about Jama Masjid being in dark due to non-payment of electricity bills will make it to any top ten list of fake news. This was fake news that originated from various Hindutva handles and Postcard News, a renowned fake news website. Republic TV sent a fact finding team to the site, which snooped around outside Imam Bukhari’s residence counting cars and recording their make but didn’t ring the bell to verify if the story was true. It also did not occur to the team to ask those around whether the mosque is usually lit at night and what time the lights are normally switched off at night. Funnily the reporter pointed out to a lit board at the gate but it didn’t occur to him how the board could be lit when the electricity was cut off. On the basis of this so-called investigation, ignoring the clarifications tweeted by BSES, Republic TV broke the news about BSES giving a jolt to Jama Masjid due to non-payment of over four crores. The fake news was exposed by Alt News in its article after which the channel quietly deleted its tweet and video without any apology or explanation.

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